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Freedom Festival at the Maria Hendrikaplein, Ghent on Saturday 14-th July 2018

‘FREEDOM in Jesus Christ’ was the powerful engine that propelled the Freedom Festival and that did not leave anyone untouched on Saturday, July 14, 2018 on the sun-shinning Maria Hendrikaplein in Ghent.

A big addition was the iMove team that joined us and just came out of an evangelistic training. Litterally fishers of souls were the teams stationed in front of the Sint-Pieters station, catching every one heading to the city. Many were nailed to the ground with an open mouth while listening to the speeches or performances from the podium. At the same time the evangelism teams were doing rounds with tracts and engaging in personal conversations. Several people accepted to pray with them. Remarkable how many young people where interested.

The preaching of the gospel by speakers from Belgium, America, Africa, Asia … had a great impact.

The preaching of the gospel by speakers

A 22-year-old girl, former Muslim from Ghent, was the first speaker of the day. With great passion, she encouraged people to make the choice today! She was invited to pray immediately after, for the first convert. He was a drunken man who was originally attracted by the music and the ambiance. After a long conversation and as the event went on, he became sober. He stayed until the end of the event and helped with the breaking down. He had meanwhile made an appointment, got to know several Christians and very seriously stated he was going to visit a local church the next day.

Drs Kevin & Leslie McNulty (USA), international evangelists and founders of the 100-Tent Project in Eurasia, shared their testimony with power on stage. He lost his entire family as a teenager by the plague and famine in Ireland. He warned that no one ever knows when it is his/her last day. In addition, he encouraged and fired the many Christians present to fully dedicate themselves to proclaiming the gospel.

She remarked: the time is ripe to preach the gospel in great gatherings and in every province here in Belgium.

Songs, dance and drama performances alternated on stage. The colors of the artists mixed with the smells of the food that were sold in the various stands and all in all, heaven was experience by every sense! After each speech and artistic input, the audience was moved and people asked for a personal discussion. Many came to faith with tears.

An international Christian sports-team was interviewed on the podium by brother Geert Colle. The mission of Jesus Christ united people from different churches, denominations, colors, ages and nationalities!

Teams from Brussels, Kortrijk, Antwerp, Ghent, Wattripont and beyond, joined forces to pray, evangelize, build up, sell, do children’s work, break down …

It was abundantly clear how open and accessible the people were. Yes, the time is ripe to let the spirit of God breath a new FREEDOM!

A great thanks to the Church of Pentecost, Jesus Living Water for all nations, iMove, all members of the organization team, the numerous artists and volunteers, those who prayed and those who gave.