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France’s Sarkozy Says Africa must be on Security Council

French President Nicolas Sarkozy calls on the United Nations to consider making Africa a permanent member of the Security Council to enable governments to manage the numerous security challenges on the continent. Kabiru Mato, professor of political science at Nigeria’s University of Abuja has welcomed a French pledge to support Africa’s representation on the U.N. Security Council.

Fifty-six African Heads of State are currently attending the 25th France-Africa Summit which opened yesterday in Nice, France. Also in attendance are Foreign, Finance, Tourism, Interior, Defence and Trade Ministers from the continent.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said there should be thorough reforms in the UN structures, to include Africa in the permanent seats of the Security Council and modernize modalities and strategies that would make the African continent a conducive place to live in by investing in industrial and infrastructural projects. The French President said the days of ignoring Africa in international deliberations were over and it was for France and the whole of Europe and other continents to recognize the contributions and importance of Africans for a better partnership.

Kabiru Mato believes that Nicolas Sarkozy will be able to convince the leaders of other industrial countries to accommodate Africa’s representation on the Security Council. “It’s a lot of encouragement (and) it’s a sign of perhaps (a) change of mind that it’s coming from the major countries on the need to perhaps carry Africa along in the scheme of global political economy. I hope that (Mr.) Sarkozy will back his words by action,” he said.

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