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Following The Killing of Osama bin Laden

With the recent death of Osama bin Laden who was killed on Sunday in a firefight by US naval commandos who raided his hideout in a high-security compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, there are legitimate concerns that there could now be some type of blowback against US interests within the United States and overseas.

Scott Morgan pictured in Washington, DC

However one potential area that could be targeted has not been mentioned much by the media. It is Africa!


It is possible that, in several African countries that have been the scene of recent violence between Muslims and Christians, they could soon be experiencing great danger.

One nation that this fear is being discussed openly is Nigeria where, during the recent election cycle, an estimated 300 people were killed during the brutality that has plagued the northern part of the country. The violence was committed when Boko Harem, a group with reported links to Al-Qaida, clashed with Christians.

Ethiopia is another African country that has been the scene of recent religious violence. Several weeks ago, in the southwestern part of the country, several churches were attacked and burnt over a reported desecration of the Quran. Most of them were Seven Day Adventist churches. Also, its proximity to both Somalia and Eritrea, could be considered to be factors of concern.

There are other African countries as well that could be the scene of violence; one of which is Sudan. In July, this country will divide into two separate nations: a Muslim dominated north and a Christian dominated south. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned as tensions continue to rise within this country.

There are five other countries that could also become targets for attacks. For instance, Uganda, which has seen some post-election violence in recent weeks, and Burundi, both of which have been threatened by Islamist militants in Somalia for several years now for their support of the UN efforts in Somalia. During the World [soccer] Cup last year, a bomb was exploded by militants in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.
The post-election crisis in Ivory Coast has come to an end according to some living there. However, one of the final acts was a massacre in a Catholic church. Religious violence still lies under the surface in this situation.

Another country under threat is Burkina Faso which has been affected by what is going on in Ivory Coast and this threatens to explode into a civil war. This is a situation that will need to be carefully monitored.

Finally there is Kenya. This country has had its own share of political violence in the recent past. It is another nation that has concerns over the demise of bin Laden. There have been concerns in the north of the country that Al-Shabaab, an Islamist insurgent group fighting to overthrow the government of Somalia, may be recruiting in the north of this east African country.

So there are plenty of reasons to be concerned regarding a potential blowback against Christians in several places in Africa, and this gives us all a lot to pray about.

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