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“Far-Flung Tin Can” : A Church of God Kid’s Unique Missions Ministry

“Far-Flung Tin Can” (FFTC) is an organization that uses media to connect the mission field to those with a heart for missions.

Kyle grew up in the Church of God and never really had a heart for missions. Now at age 25, he is leading a radical new approach to support the mission field.

“Far-Flung Tin Can” (FFTC) is an organization that uses media to connect the mission field to those with a heart for missions. It started a few years ago as Kyle was simply parking his car. God revealed to him images of filming the Gospel in the remote places of the Earth and raising money for missionaries! Kyle has embraced this vision. One of the goals of this media effort is to get believers passionate for justice. Their goal is not to provoke sympathy, but to invoke relationship. Now Kyle, a son of the Church of God, is using film and media to make that happen!

FFTC has been walking and operating in favor these past two years and they have produced four 90-minute documentaries to raise funds for missions mainly within the COG. They have shot two films in Atucucho, Ecuador at Pan De Vida, a feeding ministry for 350 children. Pan De Vida has been given a voice in the states as Kyle travels from churches, to camps, to conferences, and to universities raising awareness and funding. Churches have found the documentaries to be like nothing they have never seen before in missions support. They films are funny, warm, real, and eye opening. These films are layered with the moments that come from a life devoted to ministry.

Their newest film, “Redemption Uruguay” focuses on the efforts of a COG congregation in TN that intends to build fifty churches in the nation of Uruguay. In a nation where less than 6% of the population knows Christ it is amazing to see a hunger for God from people who have been surrounded by such darkness. The film also includes amazing services from the Uruguay’s annual COG Women’s Conference. Women traveled up to eight hours to come together and meet with God!

Kyle and FFTC are bringing the mission field to the local church through full length films, online clips, blogs, twitter, the missionary magazine (The Phonebook), worship albums written and sung by missionaries, medical supplies, exciting campaign projects, and speaking tours.

It is time to put the Gospel on our lips. FFTC wants everyone to know what is happening around the world in the Kingdom of God. Kyle asks, “Imagine that you have found the world’s largest tin can phone and the mission field is on the other end… will you take the call?”

FFTC want to help your church effectively communicate your heart about world missions. Feel free to contact them at for more information.

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