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Famous Preacher’s Son Survives Abortion Plans – Becomes Minister

The preacher was in prison. His wife was pregnant. The authorities set the date for her to have an abortion so that this “troublemaker’s” family line would end. God, however, had other plans. The day before the appointment, Deling, the preacher’s wife, went into labor and gave birth to a premature son, Isaac.

David Sullivan interviewing Pastor Isaac for the “Precepts of Leadership” TV Series. He is the son of “Brother Yun” (Author of the book “The Heavenly Man” (with Paul Hattaway)

With joy at her answer to prayer but sadness that her husband could not be present, Deling has always looked at this Isaac as a special gift from God – in the midst of impossible circumstances. It wasn’t until he was five years old that the young boy Isaac actually go to meet his father, fresh out of prison. His father, known to the world as “Brother Yun” is actually the author of the bestselling book “The Heavenly Man” (with Paul Hattaway) which relates this and other miracle stories of God’s provision and direction.

It was in 2009 that the U. K. Based leadership training and media production charity, Harvest Fields Commissioning International, and its media arm, OLI Productions, interviewed Brother Yun for its popular “Principles of Leadership” TV series, viewed worldwide on a network of over 30 TV networks and a viewing audience of over 800 million.

The series covers 52 programs featuring such well known Christian leaders as Brother Andrew, Luis Palau, Joyce Meyer, Jackie Pullinger, George Verwer, Anne Graham Lotz and Loren Cunningham. Currently the production team is in the midst of filming programmes for “the next generation” of Leadership broadcasts – “Precepts of Leadership”. With the inclusion of an exclusive interview with Isaac Liu, son of Brother Yun, it is truly a next generation project.

Dan Wooding with Dr. Bishara Awad, founder of the Bethlehem Bible College and Brother Yun, before he interviewed them both for Safe Worlds IPTV in Irvine, California.

When asked who Pastor Isaac’s most influential person was, aside from Jesus Christ, his answer was “my father”. He shared how the well-known Chinese church figure and author is the same in private as he is in public. He is humble in public and humble in private. He loves God with all of his heart. At first Isaac, who now Pastors a Portuguese Brazilian church, was bitter towards God who he felt was responsible for his grandparents and parents spending considerable time in prison. He always prayed “God, I don’t ever want to be a Pastor. Please don’t call me into that area.” He shared in the “Precepts of Leadership” TV interview that “God had answered my mother’s prayer that I be born before the scheduled abortion. Yet God did not answer my prayer. I’m glad he didn’t.”

Other “next generation” guests in the series include Dr. Young Hoon Lee, successor as Senior Pastor of the world’s largest church to Dr. Cho in Korea, Daniel Kolenda, successor to Reinhard Bonnke as evangelist to Africa and head of CfaN, David Cerullo, CEO of the Inspiration TV Network and son of Morris Cerullo. Other guests include evangelists Keith and Mary Hudson, parents of singer Katy Perry and in-laws of actor Russell Brand, Heidi Baker from Mozambique, Pastor and TV minister Jentezen Franklin and top Chinese economist Zhao Xiao.

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