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Explosive Nephilim Thriller Just Released

Make no mistake, “Return of the Giants: The Dark Side of the Nephilim,” by Robert T. Brooke, is a thriller that pulls no punches.

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The Nephilim are the ancient giants that were destroyed in the Great Flood.

Adrenaline-junkies who love thrillers have a rare treat in store, while those too sensitive for the shock levels of a Tom Clancy or Stephen King should probably pass. It could be just the thing for your non-Christian friends as well as many of you who can handle the heat.

“Return of the Giants” crosses some heavy terrain; from the dark rituals and intrigue at Bohemian Grove (based on believable reports); to underground scientific projects at Stanford; high drama at Cambridge; to the shrouded New Forest region of my native England, where the terrifying giants are harbored in a massive facility. Those behind the “New World Order” are hovering in the shadows, a feast for those able to read between-the-lines.

Rather than taking an in-your-face approach, the author allows the Christian worldview to seep through carefully, not heavy-handedly. One purpose is crossover — reaching those who wouldn’t otherwise touch a book produced by a Christian publisher. My guess is that the publishing titans used to molding public opinion, felt threatened by its message. The author is grateful that digital publishing has created new avenues with digital eBooks.

Robert T. Brooke, who has sojourned through the dark side of the occult much of his life before finding God, writes with rare insight. The story is based on an IMAX-level dream the author had of a horrifying recombinant DNA stealth scientific project in the forests of England. When the creature came into view, he broke into a cold sweat, yet was afraid he was being shown something.

The author told the ASSIST News Service ( that he began writing “Return of the Giants” over seven years ago in an old Edwardian Colonial hotel in Sri Lanka, where he camped out for months. After numerous rewrites, even in remote Coromandel, New Zealand, where he has a residence, it was completed. The final edit was done by a young Christian editorial prodigy with Asperger syndrome.

So, if Mega-selling author Dean Koontz were to write a thriller in which the Nephilim were brought back into the world, it could well be “Return of the Giants.”

Like Koontz, the author writes at a very high level rarely seen in contemporary Christian writers. It’s a fast-paced read ideal for a plane or train ride. Also, like Koontz, the author is a Christian conservative libertarian who is a strong advocate of freedom, stands against the “New World Order” and believes in God.

A fellow English journalist just reported: “Ragingly brilliant, riveting. Couldn’t put it down. On the level of the best of Dean Koontz spliced with vintage Michael Crichton. Remarkable intrigue, depth and range.” — John Hills, Publisher & Editor of Maui Gold Magazine, Maui INC Magazine and Centerpiece Magazine.

Brooke then posed the question: “Any of you know Peter Jackson, director of ‘Lord of the Rings,’ for the film version of ‘Return of the Giants’?”

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