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Executive Council Releases Resolution of Appreciation to Former Church of God General Overseer Dr. Raymond E. Crowley

Raymond E. Crowley

Cleveland, TN–The Church of God International Executive Council, meeting is session September 24-27, 2012, passed a resolution of appreciation toward former Church of God General Overseer Dr. Raymond E. Crowley.

The resolution was passed and signed by members of the Council on the occasion of Crowley’s 90th birthday and 75th year in the ministry. He served as general overseer from 1986-1990, but the resolution, as presented below, touted the diversified ministry of the veteran leader:


WHEREAS, the Dr. Raymond E. Crowley, during his many years of faithful ministry in the Church of God, has exemplified Christian virtues, the fruit of the Spirit, and Spirit-filled living; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Crowley has shown himself to be a caring and compassionate shepherd as pastor of churches in Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, exhibiting the qualities of leadership that would later propel him to positions of leadership; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Crowley has served in state leadership as the State Overseer of the Churches of God in Northern Ohio (1970-74) and Florida (1990-94); and

WHEREAS, Dr. Crowley’s ministerial peers recognized his leadership capabilities by electing him to serve as both Assistant Director (1974-1978) and General Director (1978-82) of the Department of Evangelism and Home Missions; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Crowley was elected to serve the Church of God as First Assistant General Overseer (1982-86) and General Overseer (1986-90); and

WHEREAS, Dr. Crowley served with distinction as a member of the Executive Council of the Church of God (1976-80; 1992-96); and

WHEREAS, Dr. Crowley celebrated his 90th birthday on September 12, 2012; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Crowley celebrated the 75th anniversary of his calling and entry into Christian ministry on March 12, 2012;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, the Executive Council of the Church of God, do proclaim our sincere appreciation for the life and ministry of Dr. Raymond E. Crowley and express our heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of reaching these milestones in his life and ministry.

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