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Execution Trial of Afghan Convert is Illegal

The trial of an Afghan man, Said Musa, who may face execution for converting to Christianity, violates the Constitution of Afghanistan approved by consensus in 2004 and must be stopped.

A news release from the World Evangelical Alliance’s Religious Liberty Commission (WEA-RLC) reported that Musa, 45, was arrested after a television station in the capital city of Kabul broadcast images that allegedly showed Western Christians baptizing Afghans. Since the May 2010 telecast, Musa has remained in the notorious Kabul Detention Center and suffered sexual assault and torture with apparently no access to a lawyer.

“The arrest of Musa in the first place and the subsequent demands for death for apostasy violate at least three provisions of the Constitution of Afghanistan, (and that’s) leav(ing) aside the illegality of the inhuman treatment meted out to him in the prison,” said WEA-RLC Executive Director Godfrey Yogarajah.

He added, “Calls for the death of an alleged apostate by extremist elements are understandable, but when the administration seeks death penalty for a convert by the misuse of the vagueness in laws, it raises serious concerns.”

WEA-RLC said it is shocking that nine years after the fall of the Taliban, little change is visible in the areas of rule of law and civil liberties.

Musa, whose wife and six children had to flee to Pakistan after his arrest, is facing the first trial for apostasy that has come close to an execution level, since the Taliban’s fall.

WEA-RLC said human rights advocates are still hoping and praying for a positive outcome.

Yogarajah would like to see the regime discontinue its advocacy for the death penalty in a case such as this.

The Religious Liberty Commission monitors religious liberty in more than 100 nations, defending persecuted Christians, informing the global church, challenging the Church to pray ( and giving assistance when possible to the suffering.

At the United Nations the Commission reports about the religious liberty situations, and arranges special hearings with Christians from countries under pressure.

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