Eurocrisis: The untold story of Greeks billionnaires Out of Africa

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Greeks businessmen in Africa have collected such an amount of money inside Africa that they can get their country back to its feet overnight, have they got the willing to do so. Here is a snapshot ; a lesson from the wealthy past colonialist and trade history between Greece and Africa around coco and coffee export and the monopoly operated by Greek businessmen in Africa over Import-Export trade “out” and “in” Africa with the rest of the World.

After the cocoa export extremely profitable in billion at the golden age of raw material, there comes the other age of oil, arms and gas contracts with Africa. Again Greeks, Syrians and Lebanons joined their strengths to monitor the lucrative package in secret, far from any African governmental control. Indeed, corruption was ongoing to silence everything.

Where has that huge treasury gone ? Once you answer “in some tax havens”, then you start lifting the fog over the troubled eurozone : Greece is not telling the truth to the members of the eurozone about its real wealth and financial capabilities. That is why the warning coming from the IMF managing director, Mrs Lagarde, regarding tax collection, is an issue of first importance.

A deep insight  is needed here to sort things out.

Money picked up in Africa has been rapatriated in Greece, in full. What is the translation of this collection of billions – oil cargos of Greeks shipowners are an example. What’s about the remaining multibillion’s pot of heritage ? At the time Franc CFA (african currency) was called the African Franc Suisse, for the money was strong and performing well sustained by the high rating of African raw material on international financial markets. Needly to talk about forest exploitation and the trade of wood.

Read the full story here.

Elise Mbock is a Political Analyst and a Writer. Her first book deals with the reforms of institutions. She is a graduate from Lyon 2 University (France) since 1995 in Information and Communication Studies where she was awarded the Title of "Doctor" (PHD). Presently, Elise Mbock is competing for French Parliamentary election in a Paris peripherical area with a huge population of immigrants in the District of Saint Denis known as 93. She bears a project of "contract of brotherhood" she intends to set on the Parliament agenda, in case of success in the race. The project is based on new proposals she is going to make, with her second book over immigration policies that are a failure in France considered from both sides : immigrants are not well integrated and nationals are still questioning what is going on with the increasing overwhelming unjustified immigration at a time when unemployment has never been so high. To make those proposals, Elise has worked as a community servant with immigrants, women and the Youth. Inside a high school, she fulfilled a programme of integration of her design based on citizenship as a teacher of "public negociation". Elise is bearing another project : a development agency to deal with African development World wide. E. Mbock is 51. Website :

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