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EGYPT : The gathering storm around Israel

The rapidity of change sweeping the Middle East has left some commentators breathless, with many cheerleading the prospects for democratic reforms in Egypt and other Middle East countries. But hopes for benevolent democracies that conform to American ideals may prove wanting – with dire consequences for Israel.

“Everyone was caught by surprise,” says Bob Morris, director of HaDavar Messianic Ministries. “Who would believe that two governments would fall because of one man’s actions?” he asks, referring to the Tunisian vegetable vendor who sparked popular uprisings in several countries after he lit himself on fire as a protest.

As mighty doors swing on small hinges, an obscure Tunisian man brought the fall of powerful leaders. “God doesn’t need the armies of the world or the kings, he only needs one man to bring change,” Morris notes.

To some observers, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt seem to be playing a constructive role in moves toward democracy. “They are using democracy as a doorway to power,” Morris believes. “If the Muslim Brotherhood is voted in, that’s the last election they will ever have,” he predicts. “They despise democracy — submission to Islam and to Allah is their ideal.”

“All they have to do is get enough votes and they will do away with the constitution and democratic institutions and set up Sharia law. If they come to power, one of their goals is the destruction of Israel.”

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