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Educational Ministries of the Church of God in Ukraine

National Education Director Eberhard Dudszus gave an encouraging report on the educational ministries of the Church of God in Ukraine. The Eurasian Theological Seminary in Moscow has two extensions in Ukraine. Additionally, there are a number of district Bible institutes.

Recently the ETSM extension in Slavyansk hosted Nick Park, overseer of the Church of God in Ireland, who taught a four-day intensive course on Church Planting and Church Growth. Park has extensive experience in the area and has become one of the favorite guest instructors throughout the region. This extension has one-week intensives every month.

A new development in Ukraine is the “District Bible Institutes.” This past September, four district institutes were started with the goal of providing more basic training for local members and those who would like to enter the ministry. At a recent eastern regional conference, 70 students were given a certificate for their efforts over the past school year.

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