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Educating Children About Strong Families

Many families like this one heard about God's plan for them at several recent events in Asia.

Children in several public schools learned about God’s plan for Christian families, thanks to the work of a team of Gospel for Asia-supported workers.

GFA-supported missionary Ghulashan Nane, along with Women’s Fellowship leader Meena Mohan and Bhisma Digal Subba, principal of a GFA-supported Bible college, presented a program in honor of Mother’s Day at two public schools.

Nane opened the programs with prayer. Next up was a fun action song that the kids really liked.

When it was Meena’s turn, she explained to the children how much their mothers love them and what that means in their life. She also taught them lessons on how to respect their mothers. The kids watched a short movie, and then everyone received candy, which the children really enjoyed!

The team presented a similar program at another school in the area. This second event was geared toward the celebration of Family Day, so the team invited students and their parents. They were encouraged when 17 families showed up.

Meena taught a program from the Bible and its teachings about family and the relationship of family members to one another. Her lessons helped the mothers understand the importance of their role wives and examples to their children. She also stressed the importance of good communication between husband and wife, the value of cooperation and the importance of faithfulness.

Bhisma taught about the role of the husband in a godly family and the value of correction, along with the importance of commitment to and caring for one another.

The families who came to the event said the lessons were encouraging and helped them re-evaluate their family relationships.

After the program the families enjoyed a time of fellowship with the team, which they said was quite refreshing.

A local village leader was so impressed with the programs that he invited the team to visit three other schools in the area. One of the schools is in a village where there are no Christians at all.

This ministry team thanks the Lord for the newly opened doors in this area and prays that the Lord would reveal Himself to the students and parents at the schools they visited.

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