Dr. Tim Hill Appointed as New General Overseer of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

During the business session at the Church of God 2016 General Assembly in Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Timothy M. Hill and Dr. John Childers were appointed to be the General Overseer and the General Secretary, respectively.

Dr. Timothy M. Hill, former director of World Missions for the Church of God, was nominated by the General Council of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) to serve as the next general overseer for the Cleveland, Tennessee-based denomination.

Tim Hill was nominated on the first ballot with more than enough votes to place him in the highest office of the 130-year-old movement. His office is part of the five-man Executive Committee of the Church of God.

Bishop John Childers is nominated to serve as Secretary General.

“My prayer for the Church of God is that we will be a church of passion, prayer, as well as a critical and crucial presence in this world.” Hill has served as World Missions director for the past four years after being elected to the post in 2012. The previous eight years he was secretary general (four years) and first assistant general overseer for the denomination.

Nominated as first assistant general overseer was Raymond F. Culpepper, a post he was elected to and held from 2004-2008. From 2008-2012 he was general overseer for the denomination. For the past four years Culpepper has served as state overseer for the Church of God in Alabama.

Returning to the position of second assistant general overseer will be J. David Stephens. He was elected to the post in 2012 and, if elected, will serve until 2020.

(PHOTO, L-R: John D. Childers, Raymond F. Culpepper, Timothy M. Hill, J. David Stephens, David Ramirez.)

In a historic vote by the General Council, comprised of registered and present ordained bishops, the ministerial body nominated David Ramirez, the first Hispanic to be nominated to the Executive Committee. Ramirez is field director to Latin America for the Church of God and would become third assistant general overseer of the denomination.

A final nomination was for the office of Secretary General and the General Council nominated John D. Childers. Childers has been assistant director of World Missions for the past four years, following several years as a state overseer in Alabama and Ohio.

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Pastor Aloys Evina :Aloys Evina is a pastor of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) in La Rochelle, France. He is also a doctoral candidate at Bethany Seminary. He travels extensively throughout the world, sharing God's message of love, hope and restoration.