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Dr. Jack Hayford, New Chairman of Israel Christian Nexus

Dr. Jack Hayford has agreed to serve the new chairman of the Israel Christian Nexus (ICN) and Jacob Dayan, the former Israeli Consul General to the Southwestern U.S., has accepted the position of president.

Following the passing of its Founding Chairman Gen. Shimon Erem, the Israel Christian Nexus (ICN) announced a new leadership team to carry on the work that Erem pioneered with the ICN — bringing together the Jewish and Christian communities in support of the people and State of Israel.


Jack Hayford

In a news release from ICN, the group’s board of directors announced that the organization’s founding co-chair, Dr. Jack Hayford, has agreed to serve as its chairman and Jacob Dayan, the former Israeli Consul General to the Southwestern U.S., has accepted the position of president.

Pat Boone has been named a special emissary for the Nexus. Patricia Johnson is Executive Director. Gen. Erem’s widow, Danielle Erem, will be part of the organization’s executive board.

“It was Shimon’s wish that the Israel Christian Nexus continue long after his passing, and that it would grow and build on the foundation he envisioned and established,” said Danielle Erem in the news release, expressing her confidence in the new leadership team.

She added, “He spoke often about his vision for a strategic leadership team involving these internationally recognized and respected individuals whose friendship and counsel he has relied on over the years to help set the course for the organization.”

ICN said a hero and friend to world leaders and to Jews and Christians in the U.S. and internationally, Shimon Erem played a crucial role in the founding and survival of the State of Israel, commanding troops in Israel’s War of Independence, the Sinai crisis, the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War. The last 35 years of his life were spent building bridges between the Jewish and Christian communities in support of Israel.

Hayford was immediate past president of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel denomination. He is a recognized scholar on Israel and Bible history.

“It is a great testament to the vision and labors of Shimon Erem that the Israel Christian Nexus has continued to move forward with the gifted leadership who are committed to serve on the expanded ICN Board of Directors. Shimon’s vision is confirmed by everyone on this team…a fact that brings strength and encouragement to Danielle, Shimon’s beloved widow,” Hayford said in the news release.

He added, “I am grateful for the strong, balanced team of Jews and Christians united in partnership. I am especially happy for the strength of Jacob Dayan as he joins me in serving in the leadership roles we have been asked to assume. The ICN is geared and banded together to serve its mission to unite Jews and Christians in solidarity for Israel at this critical time in history.”


Jacob Dyan

ICN said Dayan, who served as Consul General for Israel to the Southwestern United States from 2007-2011, worked with Gen. Erem and the ICN on numerous solidarity events and programs. The two men became close friends through their shared commitment to deepening the Jewish-Christian partnership for Israel.

“I am honored to be part of this great mission started by Shimon Erem to enhance Israel’s relations with its Christian partners,” he said in the news release about his new role as the ICN’s president. “Today, more than ever, we have to stand together as a tower of light to strengthen the State of Israel and the values we – Christians and Jews together – represent.”

ICN said before he became Israel’s chief diplomat at the Los Angeles-based Consulate in 2007, Dayan served in numerous high-level foreign affairs posts in Israel, Washington, DC and Greece, where he was involved in diplomacy and strategy, as well as policy formation, decision-making, and implementation. Currently he is leading in Israel a venture capital fund that invests in projects in the Negev, one of Israel’s key strategic regions.

ICN said Pat Boone has been a strong supporter of Israel for decades. In 1979, he was honored by the State of Israel with the Israel Culture Award for his artistry and humanitarianism. Over the years, he has led tours to Israel for the Christian Broadcasting Network, and was named Christian Ambassador to Israel by the Israeli Tourism Department. Boone has been involved with countless Christian and humanitarian causes, and co-chaired the National Day of Prayer for many years.

Additional Christian and Jewish leaders who have stepped forward to preserve the legacy of Gen. Erem and have been newly named to the ICN Board of Directors are Pastors Ché Ahn, Danny DeLeon, Jack Hibbs and Touré Roberts, Rev. Roberta Hromas, Rabbi Kalman Topp and Jewish community leader Miri Shepher. Robert Stearns and Chuck Smith will serve as special advisors to the organization.

About the Israel Christian Nexus

The Israel Christian Nexus is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization supported through the generosity of individuals and organizations sharing a concern for the security of Israel, and interested in building relationships between Christians and Jews in support of our shared Judeo-Christian heritage and values. It was founded in 2002, in part with a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.

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