Declaration of Faith Sunday in The Church of God Set for January 7, 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018 has been declared “Declaration of Faith Sunday” in the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) by General Overseer Timothy M. Hill.

The Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) believes the whole Bible to be completely and equally inspired and that it is the written Word of God. The Church adopted the Declaration of Faith in 1948 as its standard and official expression of its doctrine. It contains 14 brief statements representing the core principles of the theology of the denomination.

“In 281 words that can be recited in less than two minutes, the Declaration of Faith affirms the foremost beliefs of our church,” Hill stated. “It is a basic key for understanding the bedrock doctrinal convictions of the Bible.”

Hill went on to explain the importance of the Declaration of Faith with an example from Titus 1:9: “An engaging Scripture arrests our attention in the description of the duties of a leader of God’s people. (A leader) must have a strong belief in the trustworthy message he was taught; then he will be able to encourage others with wholesome teaching and show those who oppose it where they are wrong. The Declaration of Faith helps us seize and easily remember the basic essentials of our trustworthy message.”

Pastors across the Church of God are being contacted by the General Overseer’s office to place an emphasis on the Declaration of Faith on and leading up to January 7. Resources are being provided, including access to products from Pathway Press, including posters and ways to promote the Declaration of Faith all year.

“People’s behavior is an extension of their beliefs, and a pastor’s duty is to teach them biblical theology,” Hill went on to say. “Learning the Declaration of Faith is an elemental start in this process. Beliefs are not significant because they are old, but because they are true.”

To read more about the Declaration of Faith and the 14 statements contained within it, visit www.churchofgod.org and click on the “Beliefs” tab.

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Pastor Aloys Evina :Aloys Evina is a pastor of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) in La Rochelle, France. He is also a doctoral candidate at Bethany Seminary. He travels extensively throughout the world, sharing God's message of love, hope and restoration.