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Death Toll Is Said to Double in Center of Syrian Revolt

In, Death Toll Is Said to Double in Center of Syrian Revolt, August 4, 2011, Nada Bakri’s article was belied by a Syrian citizen whose family lives in Hama, while she avowed herself that her information came from the Syrian “activists”. This means that all what is written about Syria is partial and prejudiced.

I am a Lebanese citizen and when I was the Lebanese Armed Forces Attaché in Washington DC (1975, year of the start of the Lebanese civil wars), I realized that what was reported in the US was the contrary of what I had seen in Lebanon. For the first time, I realized that the media and the governments do not report the truth, but whatever they see as their interest. It is all cheating and lies; now it is happening in Syria.

The truth is that they want there to overthrow a government that is not obeying to their wills:
It is helping the Lebanese resistance to Israel; it is allied to Iran; it wants the return of the Golan Heights and a just peace with Israel, based on the UN resolutions including the one defending the right of return of the Palestinians that were pushed out, by force, from their homes and their lands that were stolen by the West’s protégé and, in the same time, highest authority.

So, what the media really mean now is that the Syrian government is against Israel’s interests in stealing Arab lands, among them Lebanese lands and waters to grab Lebanese oil and gas.

They even have created a Special Tribunal for Lebanon based on an illegal and unconstitutional agreement with an illegal Lebanese government; this agreement, to be legal, had to be signed according to the constitution (article 52) by the Lebanese President of the Republic and agreed to by a vote of the parliament. Those two conditions were never satisfied and the UN, under the US auspices, cheated the Lebanese people, to create a court that, among many other injustices, accused and jailed 4 Lebanese generals without due process and avowed afterwards they were innocent.

These generals are asking now for justice against the false witnesses that accused them; but the Court is protecting them. Now the Court is accusing members of the Hezbollah (in a move to create more divisions among the Lebanese) after having accused Syria and changed its mind. Who knows, if, with the change of policy towards Syria, they will not accuse its government’s members again?

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