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Deaf-Mutes Preach the Gospel in the Congo

Pastor Raymond Lombard, director of Wheels for God’s Word, undertook an outreach to Nia-Nia in the central area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He led a team of three people, consisting of himself, Hardus Zevenster (CEO of Radio Tygerberg), and Johan Coetzee.

Many people were led to Christ during the practical training session on the second day of the training conference in Nia-Nia. To their absolute astonishment and amazement, Pastor Raymond and his team trained a group of male and female evangelists who cannot speak or hear – they are “deaf-mute” people. It is the first time that the Wheels team has trained deaf people in Africa.

It was an incredible experience to witness while they were training the leaders. A lady, using sign language, taught these deaf people how to preach and present the Heart of Man chart to the lost. They received all the training, as well as took part in the practical session on the second day. In the city of Butembo, there is a school with more than 120 deaf-mute people. God will now use these people in an amazing way to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to their own people and to the Pygmies in the rainforests of Africa.

A Wonderful Crusade and Outreach in Nia-Nia

Ray Lombard preached at a crusade in Nia-Nia. A wooden stage structure was erected for the occasion. More than 1,500 people attended this crusade in the forest. Many people committed their lives to Jesus Christ during the altar call. To our surprise, the group of deaf evangelists sang a song to the glory of God during the crusade! A lady interpreted their sign language to Lingala so that everybody could hear what they were singing, since there were no sounds coming from them. The interpreter sitting next to Pastor Raymond on the platform interpreted from Lingala to English, so that the Wheels team could understand what these deaf believers were singing. The song talked about how grateful they are to Jesus Christ for the salvation of their souls. It was a song of salvation! Members of the Wheels team were sitting there crying. What an amazing story – to think that in the heart of the rainforest, while the sun was going down in Africa, many people were gathered to hear the Word of God preached to them and witnessed first-hand how the deaf sing praises to the God of their salvation! For the members of the Wheels team, it will always remain a memorable experience.

Trumpets to Worship the Lord

Pastor Lombard and his team bought four trumpets for the Pygmies to use in worship. Some of the Pygmy pastors and evangelists are wonderful musicians. As the first day of the conference started in a mud hut with a roof made of grass and reed, the place was filled with people. When the Pygmy musicians started blowing the trumpets, the people rose to sing the praises of the Lord. The presence of God came down from heaven and filled that place in a powerful way, even while the rain was pouring outside. We had an amazing experience of the presence of God in the heart of the rainforest!

Altogether 55 Pygmy evangelists and pastors were trained at the conference in Nia-Nia. Twenty-five bicycles were distributed to needy pastors for the work of evangelism, as well as 3 motorcycles. Also, 50 large Heart of Man charts, 80 Heart of Man pocket charts, and 300 Heart of Man booklets (in Lingala, Chiluba, Swahili, and French) were distributed. In addition, 100 Lingala Bibles were distributed, and 2500 packets of salt were given to the Pygmy villages.

Raymond Lombard, Director – Wheels for God’s Word
Project Number 1019041

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