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Dave Knight in South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup

Dave Knight with his sketchboard

Dave Knight is now in South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Dave Knight is an Aussie. He was born in Australia and moved to Papua New Guinea with his parents when he was only a few months old. So he spent his early years in the jungle. As a teenager he then moved with his family to Brisbane – Australia.

There he was introduced to surfing by friends who enjoyed the sport. Every weekend and even sometimes during the week he would travel to the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast and spend as much time as he could in the surf.

One Christmas he had the opportunity of going to a camp at a beach on the Gold Coast. He decided to go because he figured he could spend all week surfing. But instead he found himself attending many of the evangelistic meetings which were held in a huge marquee along with about 1,000 other young people.

On New Year’s Day he listened intently as the speaker spoke about Jesus Christ, Heaven and Eternal Life. He was challenged to surrender his life to the power and control of Jesus Christ. As a surfer he understood how he needed to surrender to the power of a wave and be drawn along by it’s control. He also knew the sweet joy that comes from riding a wave all the way to the shore.

“Surrendering to Jesus Christ was just like catching the best wave that ever existed,” he says.

Now many years later, he says “I am still riding that wave that will not dump me until I safely reach that ‘Heavenly’ shore.”

He does not carry a surfboard very often these days. Instead he carries a sketchboard into the streets and city centers of the world. Before him is an ocean of people and a sea of faces. He wrestles with waves of indifference and currents of prejudice. He fights the tides of self-indulgence and the ebb and flow of materialistic self-seeking humanity.

He sets up his sketchboard and paints pictures and diagrams to illustrate and explain the “Good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.”

His ministry has carried him to many countries throughout the world. He warms to the subject as he goes on to explain his passion for evangelism, “If you were about to catch the best wave there is, but saw a fellow surfer drowning, what would you do? Would you catch the wave or rescue the one who is drowning? People are drowning in sin! They need to be rescued! There are souls that are lost. There are souls that are in pain and turmoil. There are souls that are searching for truth in a world full of lies. There are souls that need an answer. There are souls that need direction and stability. There are souls that simply need the Lord!”

He explains the joy and satisfaction in ministry as he goes on to explain, “Through God’s help I have seen men and women, young people and old brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. They have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ’s control. They are now on their way to that ‘Heavenly’ shore. They are riding through life with the best friend and companion they could ever have – Jesus Christ the Son of God.”

Dave is currently with a team of young people from Hellenic Ministries on an outreach in South Africa during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. His next assignment is a discipleship and evangelism program in Austria and another in Romania before returning to his native Australia.

Nico Bougas, Assist News

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