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Cross-Country Cycling Trip Raising Funds for Solar-Powered Audio Bibles

Troy Love is a man on a mission. Just a few hours ago he left the Golden Gate Bridge and began riding his bicycle east through San Francisco.

Over the next 52 days, Love will ride about 3,785 miles to Yorktown, Va., raising awareness and funds for solar-powered Audio Bibles, called Proclaimers.

A Proclaimer is a dedicated audio player that can be used in the world’s most remote and rugged locations.

According to a news release by the Audio Bible ministry Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), their Proclaimer’s embedded microchip is pre-loaded with an audio recording of New Testaments in over 400 foreign languages of the world.

Indigenous pastors, priests and community leaders use these Audio Bibles to start Bible listening groups. Villagers gather in groups to listen and discuss what they’ve heard. By interacting with the Word of God, people come to know and follow the God of the Bible.

Love’s goal is to raise $157,000 to provide 1,000 Proclaimers for poor and illiterate people around the world.

“If we can achieve this goal, we will reach about 500,000 people—so those that are poor and illiterate or without pastors can hear the Bible,” said Love speaking in the release.

Love’s cross-country ride will take him through nine states. He will cross the desert, the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, the Mississippi River, the Appalachian Mountains, ending at the Atlantic Ocean.

According to FCBH, from San Francisco to Pueblo, Colorado, Love will ride alone, carrying about 25 pounds of gear, camping out or sleeping at host church members’ homes. He will need to cover 500-600 miles each week.

“I’m going to try and ride 80-100 miles each day, but if I go 20 miles one day and minister to people along the way, I’ll make it up,” Love said.

FCBH said Love’s passion for the Word of God is evident. Everywhere he goes, he strikes up spiritual conversations and shares his faith. He plans to speak at several churches to highlight the critical need for Audio Bibles around the world.

“My job is to share the Word of God from California to Virginia,” Love said.

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