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Cristiano Ronaldo Does Not Support Islam

The Islamic Republic media tried to provoke Iranian youth’s feelings by distributing a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo to illustrate that the superstar soccer player is a supporter of Islam.

A photo of the superstar soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo was recently published, which later turned out to be photoshopped. Iranian media, through this photo, tried to illustrate that Ronaldo is a supporter of Islam.

According to Mohabat News, the Iranian government media dependent Young Journalists Club recently quoted (although the report was removed from their website later) Lebanese daily, Al-Diyar as reporting, “while many people all across the world are protesting against the screening of the American movie that insulted the prophet of Islam, social media users say the Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, also protested against the movie. Facebook users shared a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo, the player of Real Madrid F.C. showing him holding a picture frame with Arabic writing on it that reads, ‘There is no God but Allah’.”

The report continued, “by doing this, the Portuguese superstar, who is a Catholic, wanted to show his objection to the distribution of this movie that insulted Mohammad, the prophet of Islam”.

But what is the real story?

The reality is that, the photo was photoshopped! The photo was taken of him while receiving a picture frame of himself that his team-mates gave him as a gift.

This time again, the Islamic Republic media tried to provoke Iranian youth’s feelings by distributing this made-up photo of a superstar soccer player to achieve their own religious purposes.

Reprinted with Permission by  MohabatNews

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