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Communication SolutionsHaving an international trade professional background and after some years of training and coaching in professionnal development, Chrystelle Anseline Seesaha has decided with her team to come up with a whole new concept of training. Since they have spent years working on the fields in different multicultural realms, they have put together their expertise to propose tailor-made specialised trainings and differentiated pedagogical tools and approaches. Chrystelle and her team are committed to do whatever it takes to succeed in the personal and professionnal achievements of their clients.​

People from multiple parts of the globe have come together to provide a unique perspective on solutions for today’s rapidly growing communication needs. This team of multidisciplinary training experts has joined forces, using their team’s multiculturalism, as one of their primary assets.

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In a world that is becoming a global market, English is the universal language. These individuals have assembled their competencies, skills, personnel and multicultural experiences, covering diverse and complementary fields of expertise, to train people for higher levels of both business and personal success.

Resulting from in-depth proficiency, know-how and aptitude they have come up with a new concept of tailor made trainings and communication services including:

  • Company Targeted Audits for Operational Language needs.
  • Individualized Pedagogical proposals & implementation strategies.
  • Creation of Survival Books for each field of business or each individual company.
    – Next level English training.
    – Progressive English training to improve accents, idioms and
    – Designed training for upper level management and sales positions.
    – Language practice meetings.
    – Specialized Technical English for: Medical, Engineering, Tourism, Hospitality, International transport, etc.
    – Bulats/Toeic Preparation, assessment & certification.
  • Bi-lingual training plans for trainers of negotiations and sales.
  • Network of multidisciplinary and multicultural trainers preparing companies for an increasingly diverse business world.
  • Assistance in trade, negotiations and transport by providing expert communication tactics.
  • Documents/training translations and simultaneous interpretation.
  • Conference calls, meetings, direct negotiation translation.
  • Preparation for re-entry into the job market.

“Training for superior results in an age of ever-increasing performance requirements. Through diverse professional experiences in a large variety of fields, they know what it takes to empower people to excel.”

About Chrystelle Anseline Seesaha

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Chrystelle graduated from Cambridge University. She came to France nearly 20 years ago to study Communication.

After more than 18 years of experience leading organizational turnarounds, building teams and leading projects while instilling a customer focused and continuous improvement culture, in the production/operation, shipping, supply chain, global logistics industries, social environment and training engineering fields, she is now ​ running her ​own ​ business with clients like the Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Trades and Crafts… She has also her own agreement to work as a Training centre.

After some years of training and coaching in professionnal development, she came up with her team with a whole new concept of training. ​They are committed to do whatever it takes to succeed in the personal and professionnal achievements of their clients.​

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Chrystelle Anseline Seesaha :Chrystelle Anseline Seesaha is graduated from Cambridge University.