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Climate Change to be included in Presbyterian Schools Curricular

Stake holders in the Presbyterian Primary school sector recently came out with a draft document for the teaching of environmental studies and Climate Change in Primary Schools.

The fight against the ravaging effects of climate change is taking another twist in the religious circle. This time around the authorities of the Presbyterian church in Cameroon have derive another method that is the teaching of climate change in their primary schools as a subject on its own. This revelation came to the limelight during a two day workshop to brainstorm on how climate change can be taught in schools. The workshop which brought together managers of Presbyterian Schools and head teachers from all over the country has as objectives to teach participants on the basic concepts of environment and climate change, educate participants on the need to care for the environment and educate the teachers on how to treat the above as a subject in their various classrooms.

While opening the workshop the synod clerk of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon PCC, Rev.Abwenzoh William Membong said it is the responsibility of every human being to sustainably use the resources of the earth, to protect, preserve and care for it. Thus as a church, the P.C.C. have to ensure that this responsibility is respected. He added that it is necessary to take proactive measures to sustain creation by raising awareness to our consciousness on the violence against the environment. He revealed that the PCC in 2009 signed convention on tree planting and Forest development which was the first step of the seven year Environment and Climate Change Plan. He added that the development of a curricular to teach PCC Primary School Pupils and educate them on issues of climate change the environment is an important milestone in the contribution to preserve and care for the environment. The synod clerk challenge participants to take the workshop seriously as the adverse effects of climate change affect every body.

The main facilitator Kumbo Denis PCC Development Secretary said the coming up of a curricular for the over 130 PCC Primary Schools will go a long way to fight climate change as the children will from base learn how to care for the environment as well as have the culture of planting trees. The main resource person Njombe Ewusi Bruno Assistant General Manager of ANAFOR said his organisation has as responsibility to assist the PCC in the fight against Climate change. He disclosed that as per the convention that ANAFOR signed with the PCC, They have to help them achieve her goals The hope of the PCC Education authorities is that the government include questions of climate change in major examinations so that it will become more effective amongst other schools nation wide.


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