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Classes Halted after Bible College Floods

Water is still lapping at the door of the girls' dormitory.

Classes at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college in Manipur, India, have been postponed because the campus is flooded.

The Bible college, which is home to about 185 students, was inundated with heavy rain over the weekend. The girls’ dormitory, the campus kitchen and some other buildings on campus were full of water. The city where the Bible college is located also faced flood damage.

The storms were part of the area’s seasonal monsoon rains, which sweep across the country from June through September. The rains are important to the economy as they provide water for the food crops in this largely agricultural area. Yet, far too often, they bring major flooding throughout the country. The students at the Bible college ask for prayers that the water would recede and their buildings would dry up as soon as possible. They also asked for prayer that the Lord would protect them from getting sick from the contaminated water.

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    September 24, 2010 at 9:35 am

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