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Churches to Ignite Beacons of Prayer Around the World to Stand Against Injustice

Hundreds of thousands of Christians in 100 nations are being invited to ‘light up, together, around the world’ as part of One Voice 2011, Global Poverty Prayer Week coordinated by Christian charity Tearfund.

Running from 27 February until 6 March 2011, in partnership with 24/7 Prayer, One Voice 2011 seeks to start a movement of prayer around the world, igniting beacons of hope in the UK, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia and inspiring people to spend time with God to pray about issues of global poverty and justice.

At this time, Tearfund particularly seeks to pray for those still suffering in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti one year ago, the thousands of refugees displaced by the post-electoral violence in the Ivory Coast, and those affected by the floods in Pakistan.

Matthew Frost Chief Executive of the UK based Tearfund charity said: “One Voice 2011 hopes to make an incredible difference to the world’s poorest people, those suffering social injustice and the effects of natural disasters.

“As Christians, when we engage with God in prayer, we re-focus our hearts on the mission Christ calls us into – to love our neighbours, to reach out to people living in poverty and care for those in need.”

He added: “When we as the people of God around the world ‘light up’ like this – united as one global movement – together – we light up the darkness.”

Many churches seeking to take part in ‘One Voice 2011’ will create dedicated prayer spaces which will be open 24 hours a day for the duration of the week, and Tearfund’s resources will help them to reflect on some of the biggest issues facing our world.

Resources include:

An animated film – which relates well to promote One Voice to both children and to adults.

Creative PrayerPods, case studies introducing real people living in the developing world, a reflection, and focussed prayers on key topics – an online community website on which people can share with others what God is doing where they live

A ‘One Voice’ 2011 Twitter account, where key prayer themes will be Tweeted and reTweeted to encourage Christians to pray

Beyond the Global Poverty Prayer week itself, the vision of ‘One Voice’ for 2011 is also to raise up an ongoing Global Poverty Prayer Movement for the rest of the year.

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