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Church ss alive in in the South American country of Peru

Church of God missionaries Mike and Sheila Eaton

 report that the church is very much alive’ in the South American country of Peru.

PERU — It has been a time of great struggle and great blessing. We have seen the mother church for our denomination restored after a very difficult battle. Many have come to the Lord, and many have been renewed in their walk with God.

I reconnected with the prison church. I am happy to tell you that it is a real church where the lamp of God is burning brightly. We have, in the federal prison, a 250-member, all male church that is possibly the most victorious group of believers I have ever seen. Their praises sound like the roaring of lions. I’ve never experienced anything like it. My last service with them was incredible. The prison pastor invited me to the middle of the soccer field; the prisoners surrounded me, and prayed over me, my family, and our ministry; the Holy Ghost fell. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

I preached to them of peace in the middle of the storm, and they wept before the Lord as they accepted His pardon unconditionally. Ten more were added to the Kingdom that last day, making a total of around 100 prisoners saved in our visits there.

God is not stagnant, sterile, dormant, antiquated, obsolete, or old. The Church is alive, even if some believers appear dead. God is life, and life is growth and change and productivity and hope.

Mike and Sheila Eaton

, Missionaries to Peru
Project Number 065-0051

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