Church of God World Mission Director contacts leadership in devastated areas

The Church of World Missions Director Dr. Tim Hill contacted Richar Mendoza, the national administrative bishop of Ecuador, by phone to assure him he and World Missions were standing ready to assist in the earthquake disaster that recently devastated the coastal area.

Bishop Mendoza was grateful for the verbal contact, and especially values the concern at this time. At one point, phone contact was lost and had to be resumed because of the difficulties with communications in Ecuador right now.

The country is suffering greatly, and those affected are experiencing deep depression at the loss of lives and possessions. The Church of God in Ecuador thanks World Missions for mobilizing the global church to pray and for the funds already sent.

Ecuador was absolutely unprepared for the earthquake. Sixty years have passed since the last one in Quito, but this time 25 provinces have been affected. An area near the coast, but in the mountains, saw 800 homes destroyed and 413 deaths, three of which were members of the Church of God; 5,000 were injured and 1,000 are missing. Six cities will need rebuilding.

The biggest concern is for water, food, and tents for shelter. Churches of God in Ecuador are mobilizing to provide the basics, as well. World Missions funds are assisting with immediate sustenance, but after assessment of destruction WM will later assist with reconstruction.

Director Hill thanked Mendoza for his leadership, and for rallying the local Churches of God in Ecuador in the recovery process. He affirmed: “We’re in this together, Brother Mendoza!”

Overseer of Uruguay Alcides Morales was equally grateful to receive a personal call from World Missions leadership.

A tornado affected an area about 200 miles outside of Montevideo, plowing through the middle of town, destroying everything in its path … hospitals, businesses, churches … 7,000 lost their homes.

To augment the struggles, the heavy rains that followed produced major flooding, making the roads impassable for supplies to get through to the needed areas. Eighteen states were under water and 8,000 people displaced … tough, tough times.

As Dr. Hill prayed with Overseer Morales, he asked that God, through this tragedy, would allow the people to see the Body of Christ come together and show the people of Uruguay His love.

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Pastor Aloys Evina :Aloys Evina is a pastor of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) in La Rochelle, France. He is also a doctoral candidate at Bethany Seminary. He travels extensively throughout the world, sharing God's message of love, hope and restoration.