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Church of God : Two Win Teacher of the Year Awards

CONTINENTAL NEWS – International Youth and Discipleship, along with Pathway Press, announces the 2010 winner of the annual Teacher of the Year award. This year’s winner is being presented to two individuals who have been nominated, each with their own uniqueness.

Michelle Vaccianna is a teacher in the Refuge Temple Church of God in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Her pastor, Bishop Courtney Williams, states that she is an example to all, with her incredible prayer life, a strong spiritual life, as well as good, social graces that are endearing and inspiring to all. Her teaching of the young adults through her Sunday school has built the largest class in the church. Her compassion and concern are displayed through her continual shepherding!

Odell Lindsay is a teacher in the South Gastonia Church of God in Gastonia, North Carolina. He has been teaching for over 30 years. His variety of teaching aids and teaching methods, as well as his strong commitment to study and preparation have resulted in considerable growth and effective ministry. Pastor Bobby Gilley says that he is one of the best Sunday School teachers he has known. Upon retirement from his job, he enrolled in Lee extension classes at the Charlotte campus and just this past December, he graduated from Lee University. As Pastor Gilley remarked, ‘this shows his hunger for God’s Word and his love for teaching and the church.’

Both of these individuals will receive a weekend package in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, compliments of Youth and DIscipleship; as well as spending money, and a gift from Pathway Press.

The additional nominees making up the Top 10 nominees in this year’s Teacher of the Year program include:

Roland Bernadin, Ebenezer Church of God of Brooklyn, New York
Julie Browning, Wimauma Church of God of Wimauma, Florida
Agathe Charmant, First Haitian Church of God of Middletown, New York
Anita Clark, Lancaster Road Church of God of Richmond, Kentucky
Joyce Crowley, Bamberg Church of God of Bamberg, South Carolina
Tammy Hughes, Idabel Church of God of Idabel, Oklahoma
Rita Maclin of Azalea Garden Church of God of Virginia Beach, Virginia
Esperanta Pierre, First Haitian Church of God of Middletown, New York
Lucy Touchstone, Clay Hill Church of God of Liberty, Mississippi

The Top Ten Nominees will receive gifts from Pathway Press.

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