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Church of God School in Africa Attacked

Pan African Theological College, a Church of God Bible school, in Winneba, Ghana, Africa, was raided by a gang of nine men in the early morning hours of June 10, subjecting those present on the campus to rape and beatings. The perpetrators have not been caught.

The college president, David Ofori, was bound, thrown to the ground, and severely beaten. The attackers pointed a gun at his head, ready to shoot. One of the gang members told the others, “He is a pastor. We should not kill him.” The assailants took Ofori’s wallet, passport, credit card, and a large amount of the school’s money. They also attacked and bound another worker.

After tying up the president and worker, the attackers entered the dormitories, where they abused three female students. Since school is not in session at this time, only a small number of students were in residence.

The victims were given immediate medical check-ups and treatment.

The attack was reported to the Cleveland offices of Church of God World Missions by Peter Thomas, the field director for Africa for the denomination.

A nongovernmental organization survey reveals that one out of every three Ghanaian women has been subjected to violence, and 20 percent of women report their first sexual contact was by force. The nation was recently categorized by Forbes, Inc., as being the ninth worst economy in the world, rated below Haiti.

Bill George, Coordinator of Missions Education/Publications

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