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Church of God in India Reports Increase

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Through a recent progress report, the Church of God in India shares about the wonderful things God is doing.

Kerala State, one of the strongest areas of membership for the Church of God in India, recently sent a progress report tracing their achievements since the 2008 General Assembly. M. Kunjappy is the overseer.

In the 21 months reflected in the report, 83 new missions have been initiated, 27 plots of land for churches have been purchased, 23 new church buildings have been constructed, 12 parsonages have been built, 11 plots of land for cemeteries have been purchased, and 2,039 adult members have been added to the church.

In addition, a five-story building for the Mount Zion Bible College is under construction and will be completed in a matter of months. The 2009 YWEA project, a training school to help students learn to witness to Hindus, is also underway. An office complex for the state is under construction, as well.

The challenge for the church in India is great, but God is good, and He is helping His church go forward with the gospel.

Bill George,
Coordinator of Education/Publications

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