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Church of God Executive Council Completes January Session

(CONTINENTAL NEWS) – At its regularly scheduled January meeting, International Executive Council took time to review and reflect upon the momentous changes adopted by the 2010 General Assembly of the Church of God.

The review concentrated on the detailed financial report presented by Julian Robinson, Church of God Director of Business and Records. The responsibilities of the council are numerous. But none carries more weight than item 4: “The distribution of tithes sent to the international offices of the church shall be in the hands of the general overseer and the International Executive Council” (Minutes, 2010, p. 70).

While an up-to-date detailed financial report is given at every Executive Council meeting, the two reports since the 2010 General Assembly have been especially significant. The reallocation plan, which has been discussed for over half a decade, was implemented in September. This financial report in January was the first indication of the effectiveness of the restructuring program at the international offices. The overall reaction was positive. Local church pastors and members can rest assured that neither the reallocation nor the economic downturn has been able to dim the vision of the leadership of the Church of God missional mandate for the years ahead.

Of necessity, these reports to the council detail minute items, most of which would be of little interest to the average church member. However, they are built upon the same information as the financial reports that are contained in the General Assembly Book of Minutes. Through these less detailed reports, every member of the Church of God—as well as non-members—is able to receive a general financial report of the economic welfare of the denomination simply by purchasing a Book of Minutes of the biennial International General Assembly. In the 2010 edition, the financial reports are given on pages 192-208.

A significant portion of the council agenda was dedicated to the reports presented by the members of the International Executive Committee. Under the restructuring program adopted at the General Assembly, four of the committee members also serve as directors of the four divisions of ministry at the international offices: Dr. Tim M. Hill, director of the Division of World Evangelization; Dr. Mark L. Williams, director of the Division of Education Ministries; Dr. David M. Griffis, director of the Division of Discipleship Ministries; and Dr. Wallace J. Sibley, director of the Division of Care Ministries and Support Services.

An interesting side note for this council meeting was the approval of the updates of the council’s own Policies and Procedures Manual. While the manual has been “updated” by executive staff members every two years, this was the first year the council itself decided to do a complete revision. Outdated policies, such as those relating to the old pension plan, were either revised or deleted. With the election of Mark Walker, who represents the third generation of Walkers, the listing of “Fathers and Sons” who have served on the council increased from seven fathers and nine sons to eight fathers and ten sons. M. S. Lemons and Paul H. Walker, both of whom served on the council, had two sons who also served on the council—Frank W. and David L. Lemons; and, Paul L. and Donald M. Walker.

By H. Lynn Stone, D.Min., Administrative Liaison to the General Overseer

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