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Church of God Departments Renamed and Re-structured

Two long-standing departments in the Church of God International Offices were approved to be re-named at the Church of God General Assembly last week in Orlando, Fla.

The changes reflect months of research and recommendations given by a committee studying re-structure of the ministries and departments of the Church of God. The re-structure report was released several months ago and recommended the realignment of all church ministries under the divisional structure.

The Youth and Christian Education department, formerly under the Church Ministries Division will now be referred to as Youth and Discipleship under the Discipleship Division. Elected during the general assembly to lead the ministry as director and assistant director are Thomas Madden and Gary Lewis respectively. Both were serving in the previous posts and were eligible to be re-elected. As part of the re-structure, a companion ministry has been created: Adult Discipleship with a men’s and women’s coordinator. Appointed to fill the posts are David and Lorna Gosnell, former regional overseers for the Midlands region.

Also as part of the re-structure and realignment was the recommendation to rename the Department of Evangelism and Home Missions to U.S.A. Missions. Jimmy Smith and Larry Timmerman were eligible to be re-elected as director and assistant director and will continue in the posts during the 2010-2012 General Assembly period.

In a related agenda item of the General Assembly, the recommendation was for the two positions of U.S.A. Missions to be removed as elected positions, in favor of appointment, effective 2012. The item was approved by the General Council and adopted by the General Assembly.

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