Church of God (Cleveland) Partnering with Statewide Prayer Event

The OneCry Georgia movement has touched a number of cities with calls to united prayer, pastor connections, marketplace leadership luncheons, youth and children’s gatherings. On Sunday night, November 20, a state-wide virtual prayer gathering is being hosted in Cartersville at the Lake Point Sports Arena. Attendance at the event is anticipated to number 3,000 or more, but will be available by remote video venues across the state. Multiple radio stations will also carry the prayer meeting across the South East region.

P. Douglas Small, Church of God Coordinator of Prayer Ministries, is one of the leaders scheduled to participate in a day of prayer in Bartow County, Ga. He has worked with The Church at Liberty Square, now led by Dr. Jacob King, for a number of years. A movement of prayer involving thousands in that city, traceable to the leadership of former pastor, Joe Edwards, has now spread across the state of Georgia.

Byron Paulus, who leads the OneCry effort points to the needs of the church and the culture as the cause behind the event. The twofold purpose is “That Christians unite in prayer for the outpouring of God’s Spirit on His Church and, that the leaders of the Church in Georgia are ready to lead!”

Small will also participate in a day of prayer on Saturday, November 19, also being held in Cartersville. The multi-denominational movement, he says, “seeks godly principals — people of prayer, godly men and women full of the Holy Spirit and faith who will both lead people to prayer and mobilize a whole category of leaders and Christians.”

What is unique in the movement is the call to unite intercessors, pastors, and Christians in the marketplace, three streams of renewal.

The broadcast seeks to push the state-wide renewal effort to a new level, mobilizing and building bridges among pastors, leaders of denominations, mission organizations, institutions of higher learning, para-church ministries, evangelistic ministries, and leaders from the major ethnic groups and ministries, etc., for revival and spiritual awakening.

No ministry is being promoted. No names are being championed. No one person is being featured. Paulus says, “We want to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift [us all] up …”

The Sunday evening event, November 20 begins on-sight at 5:30 pm, and for those joining via livestream, at 6 pm. The live-stream portion will conclude at 8:00pm.

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