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Church of God Announces Black Ministries Awareness Sunday

Sunday, February 12, 2012, the Church of God will mark a special emphasis on black ministries awareness in conjunction with Black History Month.

This will be the first annual denomination-wide emphasis of the history and legacy of black ministries in the Church of God. Authorized by the Church of God Executive Committee, General Overseer Raymond F. Culpepper announced in his January 2012 General Overseer monthly briefing letter, that the second Sunday of February will be designated as “Church of God Black Ministries Awareness Sunday”.

“Since August 1886, the Church of God has celebrated 125 years of ministry overcoming many obstacles and accomplishing great opportunities for ministry,” stated Dr. Ken Hill, coordinator of Black Ministries for the Church of God. “The ministry of the church has been to take the gospel around the world and today, we celebrate a world-wide membership of over 7 million with a presence in over 160 countries. Since the beginning of the church at Barney Creek, many different nationalities have made great contributions to the church that has allowed the ministry to have done so much for so many.”

“Along with other nationalities, blacks have made great strides to share their talents within the Church of God,” Hill continued. “From the early 1900’s, Reverend Edmond and Reverend Rebecca Barr began the legacy of blacks within the church; gaining recognition as the first missionaries to take the gospel from the sunny shores of Florida to the shores of the Bahamas. Blacks have also proven their leadership skills of organizing churches (1909), serving as national overseers, administrative bishops (overseers), organizing and building schools of education (industrial schools and orphanage, Jacksonville Auditorium), national evangelist, Council of Eighteen, Cross-Cultural Ministries director, Evangelism & Home Missions Director and today, Dr. Wallace J. Sibley is in his second two-year term as Church of God Secretary General.”

Hill expressed that churches are encouraged to “Continue The Legacy Of Black Ministries”, by partnering together in making donations to Church of God Black Ministries, special mission project number #1356-35. Churches may also choose to receive an offering on this Sunday (or a Sunday of their choice) to support Church of God Black Ministries.
“Each year, your donations, no matter how large or small, will help to establish permanency to the Office of Black Ministries,” Hill concluded. “Help us continue the legacy of Black Ministries.”

To learn more about Church of God Black Ministries, visit

February 1, 2012

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