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Church Must Deliver One Billion Jobs in Next Five Years

The Australian-born president of Safe Worlds Internet Television, Alan Metcalfe, said today (Saturday, February 12, 2011), from his office in Irvine, California, that the crisis in Egypt, that is now spreading throughout the Middle East, creates an unprecedented opportunity for the Christian Church and Safe Worlds IPTV.

Protests spread throughout the Middle East as Algerian police try to stifle an Egypt-inspired protest

“It does not matter who is behind the unrest. It only matters that the cause of the unrest is individual hopelessness that only Christ and a system like Safe Worlds IPTV can solve,” Metcalfe told the ASSIST News Service.

Metcalfe said that the hopelessness that is felt by young people across the Middle East stems from two sources: “First is the misguided concept of collective salvation (sacrificing for the state). The second is the lack of job opportunities,” he said.

On the concept of collective salvation, Mr. Metcalfe said that “God is a personal God who makes each of us individuals; each with our own personality and potential. This is what the Word God means. God does not do this so that we can then waste our individual talents by burying them in the mass of a dictatorial totalitarian state. It is pure evil to teach and deceive young people in this way. It robs them of all hope and reduces them to the status of cattle.”

A Billion New Jobs

Alan Metcalfe with his wife, Mary

Concerning the demand for jobs throughout the Middle East, Mr. Metcalfe said that he believes that one billion new jobs will need to be created in the Middle East in the next five years to stem the unrest.

“Educated young people in the world today have a right to feel betrayed by the systemm,” he went on to say. “Big business and big government have deceived the people and not served us well.

“However, before the next generation tosses the baby out with the bathwater; and jumps from the frying pan into the fire, they better understand what creates jobs; and it is not Socialism; or any kind of totalitarian state. Only individual free enterprise, based on time-proven Christian principles, creates jobs. Again, it’s a God thing that is all about the individual; and individual incentive to contribute.

“Jesus Christ, we must remember, is the spirit of liberty. Where Christ is absent, there is no liberty or jobs.”

Metcalfe then stated, “The world is awash in talent. The Middle East has millions of highly talented people who could deliver all the jobs that are needed, if given the tools and the opportunity. All they need is real freedom to express their God-given talents; and a way to do it.”

Safe Worlds logo

Mr. Metcalfe said that, as chief architect for the Safe Worlds Internet Television e-business and IPTV system, this is his main focus.

“I have been working on this one goal for the past 25 years; to deliver values-driven hope and opportunity to the world. I believe it is what this Digital Age is all about. It does not have to be a return to the Dark Ages, and I don’t think it will be. I am convinced that the advent of the Internet is very much in God’s plans for Christ’s return to this world.”

A Worldwide Marshall Plan

Mr. Metcalfe said he believed that the Church urgently needs a “worldwide Marshall Plan” to deliver hope and opportunity to the world.

“We must do this,” he said firmly. “We must rethink our outreach programs; if we ever want to see a return of Jesus Christ in the world; and Christianity is ever to regain the respect it deserves. There is no other way.”

“To be sitting back, as many Christians are, waiting for Jesus to do all the work is sheer laziness; and demonstrates a total lack of faith and understanding of what Jesus is all about. Jesus is a worker; and we must all get into the field beside Him; and start harvesting now.”

Metcalfe said that God has given us the Internet; now we must use it.

“There is no other way to rapidly reach the masses and deliver what is needed. We have seen this again in Egypt in the past week. However, we must do more than just provide access to social media to stir unrest. We must do more than give the people a fish that feeds them for a day; we must teach them how to fish; and we must show them how to use their fish to trade with us. We must extend the American Dream to the world.”

Bill Bright’s Foresight

Alan Metcalfe with the late Dr. Bill Bright

Mr. Metcalfe said that he agreed with the late Dr. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade, who told him in back in 1989, “When you build that system Alan, you must use it to complete the Great Commission.”

“I know that Dr. Bright understood from all his personal experience that it will take more than ‘boots on the ground’ to take the Word of Christ into every corner of the world; and get people’s attention. The challenges are just too many; and they are too great. An Internet-based system is the only way that we can fulfill or Great Commission.”

A New Missionary Effort

Metcalfe said that he believed that the Church needs to re-think its missionary outreach programs.

“If the American people will reach out to the world, then God will bless them richly,” he stated. “The Church must do this or it will become irrelevant in these times. Government cannot do it. No big business can do it. Only the Church of the people can do it.

“We must believe in the American Dream that has been created on the back of Jesus Christ. And, we must give this Dream to the world.”

The Wilmington, Ohio Model

Mr. Metcalfe said that he believed that the model of America presented recently by an American TV personality about the community in Wilmington, Ohio, is the image of America that the world needs to see.

He added, “This is the only way to complete our Great Commission. “Show the goodness of America. Take this message to the world and the world will change for the good.

“It is not the American people, or the American Dream that is not liked around the world, but the way that big business and big government presents the image of America to the world. This is what the people of the world do not like. This is what is exploited by every despot on the planet. The people of the world; every one of them; wants a piece of the American Dream of individual freedom and opportunity.”

Mr. Metcalfe said that only with an Internet-based system like Safe Worlds TV can the American Dream be cost-effectively spread throughout the world.

“There are not enough trained business missionaries to carry the Word personally; the task is too big; we need a system. This is what Safe Worlds TV can provide.”

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