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Church Leader Niko Njotorahardjo Receives ‘Order of the Towel’ Award

Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo, pastor of the massive Gereja Bethel Church in Jakarta, Indonesia, was inducted earlier this week into the “Order of the Towel” from Church of God Prayer Ministries and Project Pray.

The ceremony took place during the Church of God International General Assembly, held this week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The award included a monogrammed towel with the image of Jesus washing the feet of Peter, a bronze ‘Divine Servant’ created by artist Max Greiner and a plaque that acknowledges the work of Dr. Njotorahardjo in the global 24-7 prayer movement. Dr. Tim Hill, newly elected director of World Missions for the Church of God, presented the award in behalf of Prayer Ministries.

Doug Small, director of Prayer Ministries, noted that the award has been given in the past to such notable church leaders as the late Dr. Robert Fisher; Missionary Margaret Gaines, and the late Pastor Floyd McClung. The award notes not only accomplishment, but the spirit in which the work is done – with a servant heart.

“Dr. Njotorahardjo was the closing speaker for the launch of the Praying Church movement, sponsored by Church of God Prayer Ministries,” Small stated. “The day was a glorious event. Pierre Bynum of the Family Research council began the day with a challenge to pray for the nation. Esther Ilnisky, of the Global Children’s Prayer Movement challenged pastors and leaders.”

Beverly Pegues, of the 10-40 Window offered a challenge to pray for unreached peoples. There were moments when the room erupted in prayer.

In addition, Mary Rosenberg was presented the Heart and Spirit Award. The award notes her leadership in prayer ministries in Delmarva-DC. Rosenburg has been a key in the annual calls to prayer across the region that have consistently drawn 1200-1500 people to a six-hour prayer gathering. Doug Small said, “the Heart and Spirit award is for outstanding leadership and contributions to ministry and the cause of Christ.”

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