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Church of God Elects New Missions Leaders

Two new leaders for Church of God World Missions were chosen by the General Assembly in session in Orlando today. Tim Hill, general director, and John Childers, assistant director, will take office August 15. They were nominated this week by the council of ordained bishops and elected by the General Assembly, which includes all ministers and lay persons.

They will follow Douglas LeRoy and Victor Pagan, director and assistant director respectively, whose tenure was limited by church polity.

Hill, who has served for the last eight years on the denomination’s five-man Executive Committee, will direct the ministries of the church outside the United States in 176 countries and territories, embracing over 6 million members, more than 30,000 congregations, and some 625 missionaries serving outside their home countries.

A native of Texas, Hill was a pastor in Texas and Virginia, and served as state administrative bishop in Oklahoma and Ohio. He is a popular speaker and singer in meetings and conventions within and outside the denomination.

In his position as assistant general overseer for the past four years, he has served as director of the Division of World Evangelization, giving him an active role in the operations of World Missions and knowledge of its policies and priorities.

John Childers comes to the assistant director office from his position as administrative bishop of the Church of God in Alabama. Most of his previous ministry has focused on Christian education and discipleship. Following service as a state director in Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, he led the international Youth and Christian Education office, four years as assistant director and four years as general director.

Both Hill and Childers were educated at Lee University, the flagship college of the denomination.

Hill is married to Paula, and they are parents of three daughters, Melinda, Brittany, and Tara. Childers’ wife is Deborah, and they have two sons, Jonathan and Jeremy.

The new leaders took office at the completion of the General Assembly.

Bill George
Coordinator of Education/Publications

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