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Church Called to Pray for Ecuador

Dr. David Ramirez, Field Director for the Church of God in Latin America, recently contacted the International Offices to call the church to pray for Ecuador. The government recently declared a seven-day state of emergency and suspended civil liberties. The military has been placed in charge of security.

On September 30, a mutiny of police and armed forces erupted nationwide amid a political standoff between President Rafael Correa and the National Assembly, over a dispute regarding civil service and education legislation.

As many as 70,000 police and military people took to the streets to protest. National government buildings and the airport in Quito were closed. The president was exposed to tear gas and was hospitalized. He has now returned to the palace.

The nation is in need of urgent intercession. Please pray for the numerous families and church members caught in the cross-fire of the situation, as well as protection of Church of God assets, including parsonages, churches and Bible schools.

Douglas LeRoy, General Director

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