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Christians Help Spread gospel to to Marxist FARC guerrillas

From old to young, retirees to homeschoolers, they are all working for a common cause — spreading the gospel to Marxist FARC guerrillas in the nation of Colombia.

For more than 40 years, Colombia has been terrorized by kidnappings and murders resulting from power struggles between drug lords, revolutionaries and paramilitary groups. But in the midst of the chaos, brave Christians in Colombia are risking their lives to spread the gospel. VOM is committed to helping them, and our readers from across the country are joining the effort.

One of VOM’s partners in Colombia is a pilot named Russell. VOM helped Russell purchase an airplane, and today that plane flies over FARC-controlled areas of Colombia dropping small packages attached to parachutes. The packages, which float down into FARC camps and villages, each contain a selection of Christian books as well as a solar-powered Galcom radio pre-tuned to a Christian station. Before the parachutes are dropped, the radio is turned on so that even if the parachute catches in a tree, someone will hear the radio and climb up to retrieve it.

The Voice of the Martyrs has invited our newsletter readers to make parachutes to help Russell in this important ministry … and they have enthusiastically responded! More than 14,000 parachutes made by American Christians recently left our distribution center headed for Colombia. In total, we’ve already received more than 62,000 parachutes. Some church groups have worked together to make hundreds of parachutes, and some families have sent one or two. Each one provides a critical opportunity to present the gospel to a lost soul.

But there are still many FARC guerrillas who haven’t heard the gospel, and there is still a need for more parachutes. If you’d like a downloadable pattern to make the parachutes, as well as more information about VOM’s work in Colombia and a video of Russell talking about reaching guerrillas for Christ, visit

Reprinted with Permission by Voice of the Martyrs

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