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Christian women commemorate Cameroon’s 50th Anniversary

The Apostolic Church Cameroon (TACC) joined in national celebrations of Cameroon ’s 50th Anniversary of independence through Nationwide Regional Women’s Conferences. The event themed “Women, Behold Your Year of Jubilee,” sparked off in Yaounde in June 2010. Four days activities marked celebrations in Buea (South West Region), Bamenda (North West Region) and Douala (Littoral Region) simultaneously. From Wednesday August 25 to Saturday 28, at the Apostolic Church Molyko Assembly, women from Regions 2 and 9 gathered in their numbers to evaluate their role and participation in the society.

Conferences on their role in the home, church and society towards nation building characterised manifestations.

Teaching on how to live a single life, Evangelist Queen Mafany on Thursday August 26 explained that many reasons account for such a decision. She enlightened women on the fact that a woman can personally decide to be single, or because she is a widow, and lastly because of some supernatural negative influences. As such, she exhorted them to self examine their situation as to better understand how the fit into the society.

Likewise, Evangelist Mafany explained that the word “Jubilee” has a biblical underlying. Quoting the Bible, she said a “Jubilee” is celebrated only after 50 years. Given that Cameroon is celebrating 50 years of independence, she said, the celebrations marked the freedom, peace and tranquillity enjoyed by the country. Similarly in the Bible, the year of jubilee was the time when people shared and rejoiced with one another. She concluded by recommending women to be role models. In so doing, she requested them to be practical examples of their faith. According to Evangelist Mafany, the best way forward is when Christian women understand and fulfil their respective roles towards the home, church and the nation.

Evangelist Ojong Miranda preached on “woman, keep your babies jealously.” Quoting Exodus 2: 1-10, she classified the word “babies” as God’s particular gift to a person. In order words, she explained that God has put a potential in every human, for life fulfilment. Stressing on the woman’s indispensable role in human existence, she cautioned women that persecutions only come as a result of what they bear inside.


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