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Christian Publisher Prays that the Lord Will Sustain his Vision

One man’s vision might not survive unless Christians worldwide can step up with a little emergency cash to ensue at least its short term future.

For almost a decade, Willie Kanthenga, a journalist working with Trans World Radio in Malawi has a God-given vision of going into Christian publishing. That vision came to fruition in April with a brand new Christian newspaper called The Christian Post.

Malawi is in Southern Africa, where pop music star Madonna has adopted two children.

According to Kanthenga, the Post is the only independent Christian newspaper, as other Christian publications are church owned, primarily by the Catholic Church, and cater specifically to their membership.

A private individual loaned Kanthenga the start-up capital. That’s because, he explained, the banks in Malawi charge very high interest.

Kanthenga admitted he was forced to launch the paper a little prematurely, “because advertisers were reluctant to place adverts with us until they could see a sample of our product.”

Kanthenga said the future is promising. Having seen the inaugural edition, a few advertisers have committed to advertising with the Christian Post. He said the kind of feedback he received about the first edition was also very encouraging, with some readers saying that the paper had helped change their lives.

However, Kanthenga is facing a challenge and needs help. He doesn’t have the funds to print the second edition. He said the little money he raised was used to repay the loan he obtained to print the April’s Christian Post.

As a result, Kanthenga said, he was unable to print the paper’s May edition, while “readers are demanding more and more of the Christian Post.”

At this point, Kanthenga said he needs about $1,000 (U.S.) to print the June edition of the paper. Chances are high, he said, that the paper will sustain itself through revenue from advertisers

Kanthenga said the good news is that over the years he has managed to obtain capital equipment such as a desk top computer, a multipurpose printer, a digital camera and a wireless phone.

He said, “I have to confess that this hasn’t been easy, with the little salary I get.”

Kanthenga is hoping that people will assist him to continue the paper, or put him in contact with others who have a heart for this important ministry.

Kanthenga may be contacted at P O Box 2814, Lilongwe, Malawi or e-mailed at

He may also be reached at (265) 999392295 or (265) 999316272.

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