Christian Actor Christopher Lee Power’s Powerful Performance Ignites Christ Church’s Wilfred Owen Film

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Christopher has recently played a young Wilfred Owen in “Christchurch Remembered” by Dean Johnson who to Christopher’s surprise had been influenced to preach by Cannon W H F Robson who was the Vicar at a local church in Oxton, Wirral called Christchurch.

Christopher Lee Power has enjoyed many years as an actor in the UK rising through the ranks.

Christopher Lee Powe

But his life now is a million miles away from where it started. Christopher Lee Power, from Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, was in his teens, and his life had been one of incredible struggle: he had a speech impediment; school for Christopher was difficult as he found it difficult to spell, with a lack of co-ordination. It meant he started losing out on the education he needed. Leaving school at the age of 15 with no qualifications meant that finding work was difficult.

He started to make wrong choices and with the hidden secret of abuse from men and women at an early age became angry and rebelled.

Christopher says. “I was a teenager and I was angry, so I joined a teenager group and found myself being drawn into wrong doing.”

He soon became addicted to solvents and to feed this addiction began to steal. Gambling and drinking alcohol became part of his everyday lifestyle. However one day he got caught, stealing and was sent to prison.

“It was in the prison cell that I realized that my lifestyle was wrong and that solvents, excessive drinking had played a terrible part in my doing wrong things. It was wrong to steal and I paid the price. I cried out to God,” he went on to say.

However despite this disadvantage, Christopher began a new journey with help from friends and a wonderful tutor and was offered his first taste as an actor on a YTS Scheme called Rathbone Projects in Liverpool.

Christopher says: “I was trained in all aspects of theatre. Actors David Morrisey and Cathy Tyson had also been part of Rathbone Projects a few years before me.”


Christopher Lee Power as Wilfred Owen in “Christchurch Remembered” with film crew

At the age of 28, Christopher’s dreams of following his passion and becoming an actor started to be realized. He attended a number of drama schools, including Richmond Drama School and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), and can look back on his rise through the ranks of acting, from stage to small screen, with parts in high profile dramas and soaps, from playing Polixines in the acclaimed ‘A Winter’s Tale’ in Birkenhead Park to touring in an award winning play called Remembrance Day, by Bev Clark, playing George.

Christopher has recently played a young Wilfred Owen in “Christchurch Remembered” by Dean Johnson who to Christopher’s surprise had been influenced to preach by Cannon W H F Robson who was the Vicar at a local church in Oxton, Wirral called Christchurch.

He explains: “Wilfred Owen was Born in Oswestry, Shropshire, in 1893 and brought up in Birkenhead and went to Birkenhead Institute which was the same school I went to. I then found out that he attended Sunday School at Christchurch and the Owen family even rented a pew at the church. It was here that Wilfred learnt about preaching.”

He says that he enjoyed playing this period in Wilfred Owen’s life and bringing his poems to life. It was filmed by Illy Hill and will soon be available on DVD. Christopher now wants to see his autobiography, “Breaking Free From The Street To The Stage” into a film and is looking for funding, a director, crew and screenwriter. “It would be great to see someone play me just like I played Wilfred Owen” says Christopher.

If you would like to support Christopher’s film project or would get more information, please contact him at, where you can also get an outline of the movie.

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