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China: Youth Camp Raided

On July 23, a Christian youth camp was raided by Public Security Bureau (PSB) and Religious Affairs Bureau (RAF) officials in Nanyang city, Henan province.

PSB and RAF officers took away more than 20 students attending the summer camp. The students, each under age 18, were released to their families that afternoon.

Two instructors, 40 year-old Cheng Ping, and  30 year-old Miao Miao, were arrested and sent to the Yongan Lu Detention Center in Nanyang city. They were reportedly sentenced to administrative detention. The lengths of their sentences are unknown as church leaders who organized the camp were ordered by officials not to speak to the public.

The Voice of the Martyrs supports and stands with Christians in China and encourages you to pray the young camp attendees  will remain faithful. Pray for their instructors who remain in prison. Pray believers in China will continue trusting God despite increased persecution.

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