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China: Prominent Leader Arrested

On Sept. 17, Pastor Hua Huiqi was arrested by Chinese authorities in Fengtai District, Beijing, according to China Aid Association.

Pastor Hua reportedly called his wife, Ju Mei, and told her he had been forced into a Public Security Bureau (PSB) vehicle while on his way to a dinner meeting. Less than 30 minutes later, Hua phoned his wife again and told her that the police had taken him to an unknown location. The phone line then went dead.

Six days later, Pastor Hua was seen being escorted to Beijing Tiantan Hospital by five PSB officials to visit with his brother, Hua Huilin who is seriously ill. The Hua family’s request for him to visit his brother had previously been denied. His elderly mother, Shuang Shuying, who was released from prison a few months ago, is also seriously ill and Hua has been denied requests to visit her.

Pray for this family that has endured a lot for the sake of Christ. Ask God for Hua’s release and for healing for his brother and mother. Pray believers in China will remain faithful.

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