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China: Police Detain Attorney

On Oct. 20, police detained Dr. Fan Yafeng, a prominent Christian lawyer and leader of the Chinese Christian Legal Defense Association, according to China Aid Association.

A group of police reportedly entered Dr. Fan’s home last Wednesday and prevented him from leaving. When they blocked his exit, Dr. Fan struggled through the doorway. Police then shoved him and assaulted him, causing him to sprain his ankle. Police immediately took Dr. Fan to Shuangyushu Police Station in Beijing, and at last report he is still being held there. Authorities have provided little information about Dr. Fan, and his wife is very concerned as she struggles to negotiate with authorities.

The Voice of the Martyrs has supported persecuted Christians in China for more than 30 years. VOM encourages you to pray that Dr. Fan will be released and that God will heal his injuries. Also pray that Dr. Fan’s testimony will draw his persecutors into fellowship with Christ.

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