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China: Leader’s Sons Assaulted

On October 16, Zhang Jian, the elder son of Pastor “Bike” Zhang Mingxuan, was severely beaten by Public Security Bureau (PSB) officials in Beijing, China Aid Association (CAA) reported.

Zhang Jian was at home with his mother, Xie Fenglan, when PSB officials entered their residence and secured the exits before severely beating him with iron bars for nearly half an hour. As Zhang lay bleeding profusely, his mother called the ambulance, but the receptionist told her that a higher government authority gave a directive not to dispatch an ambulance to rescue Zhang because he is related to Pastor Bike CAA reported. Xie Fenglan called her younger son, who rushed to the house and was also beaten by the same authorities, CAA added.

After some time a family friend took Zhang Jian to a local emergency room, where doctors said he may lose sight in his right eye as a result of the beating. The family has not been able to contact Pastor Bike, who was travelling at the time of the attacks, and they fear authorities have detained him. Pastor Bike is an outspoken evangelist. He traveled more than 10,000 miles across China’s 24 provinces passing out Christian literature and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been arrested several times for his evangelistic activities.

In August, two days before the Olympics, Pastor Bike was arrested along with his wife and co-worker. The Voice of the Martyrs and China Aid Association launched an international petition drive advocating for the release of Pastor Bike, his wife and co-worker. More than 58,000 people signed the petition and it was delivered to the Chinese Ambassador, Zhou Wenzhong, in Washington D.C. Shortly after the petition began and the Olympics ended, all three were released.

Pray for Zhang Jian and his younger brother’s quick recovery from the attack. Ask God to protect Pastor Bike and his entirely family during this challenging time. Praise God for this family’s faithfulness to risk their all for the sake of the gospel.

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