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China: Church Leaders Released

On Nov. 25, 2008, Pastor Wang Weiliang was released from prison on “medical” parole. Praise God, Pastor Weiliang is now receiving care in a local hospital in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, according to China Aid Association (CAA).

In Dec. 2006, Pastor Wang Weiliang and seven other church leaders were sentenced from one year to three and one-half years in prison by the People‘s Court of Xiaoshan district, China. Four were imprisoned and four received suspended sentences. In prison, the men were forced to make clothing and shoes for export and prohibited from praying openly or reading the Bible. These leaders were arrested after thousands of PSB officers bulldozed their church building on July 29, 2006.

Meanwhile, on Dec. 2, house church leader Zhu Baoguo was also released from a Chinese labor camp for “medical reasons.” Pastor Zhu Baoguo was sentenced to one year “re-education through labor” on charges of being an “evil cult” leader. Pastor Zhu and four other leaders were detained by authorities during a church service in Dushu village, Henan province on Oct. 12. While the other four leaders were sentenced to five days of administrative detention, Pastor Zhu was sentenced to 15 days. Two days after Pastor Zhu’s release from detention, he was sentenced and taken to a labor camp in an unknown location.

VOM has actively supported persecuted believers in China for more than 30 years. VOM continues helping expand underground house churches and Bible schools preparing leaders to spread the gospel in China. VOM rejoices with the families of these leaders and encourages you to pray for their speedy recovery. Ask God to protect them and other believers living under tough conditions because of their stand for Christ.

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