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China: Church Leader Released

On Nov. 18, Wusiman Yiming, a Christian convert from Islam, was released from prison in China after being imprisoned for two years, according to China Aid Association.

Yiming, a prominent house church leader among the Uyghur people, was grateful to be reunited with his wife and two young children. China Aid reported that Yiming looked “fragile, but has a very strong spirit.”

“[He] asked [us] to extend his heartfelt thanks to all those who have been providing care and help to his family members during the past two difficult years,” China Aid reported.

In September 2007, the Chinese State Security Bureau of Southern Xinjiang arrested Yiming and Christian business owner Alimujiang Yimiti. Yiming was sentenced to criminal detention “for the crime of divulging State secrets.” In November, Yiming was secretly sentenced to two years of “re-education through labor” by the Re-education Labor Committee of Hetian City. Yimiti remains in prison and, after 250 days, still has not received a verdict in his case. Click here, to send a letter of encouragement to Yimiti.

The Voice of the Martyrs rejoices with Yiming’s family over his release. VOM encourages you to continue praying for Yimiti’s release. Ask God to protect Yiming, Yimiti and other believers in China who risk their lives for the sake of their faith in Christ.

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