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China: Church Leader Imprisoned

On Oct. 19, Neixiang police officials arrested 60 Christians attending a worship service, according to ChinaAid Association. After charging them with “disturbing social orders under the name of religious activities,” police fined five brothers and sentenced them to 10 days administrative detention.

On Oct. 30, police decided to increase the sentence of the church’s leader, Guo Quanyou, to one year re-education through labor in addition to an exorbitant fine. “When the police came to brother Guo’s home to arrest him, they brutally pushed Guo’s wife, Chen Hailan, to the floor,” ChinaAid reported. “The impact caused a concussion and broke her 12th vertebra. Chen Hailan continues to suffer from severe migraines and can barely move her back from the pain.”

The Voice of the Martyrs has stood with persecuted Christians in China for more than 30 years. VOM encourages you to pray that Guo Quanyou will be released and that the exorbitant fines will be dropped. Ask God to heal Hailan, and pray that the faithfulness of these believers will draw non-believers to Christ.

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