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China: Christians released

On May 9, 16 Christians from the China Gospel Fellowship were released early from administrative detention in Xinye, Henan province, according to China Aid Association.

The Christians were released before serving their 10 to14 day sentences and without paying the 1000 Yuan (US$150) fine. “The early release of the prisoners was due to pressure from international community and meant that the government admits they did was wrong,” China Aid said.

The released believers were part of a group arrested on April 30 and accused of “harming the society by falsely using the name of religion and Qi Gong.”.Public Security Bureau officials raided the meeting and arrested the Christians. Two Christians were released days later, but 16 were held until May 9.

Praise God these believers were released without restrictions. The Voice of the Martyrs has been supporting and encouraging believers in China for more than 30 years. VOM encourages you to pray for these and other believers who risk their lives for the sake of the gospel. Ask God to protect and provide for Christians in China who risk arrest every time they meet for worship.

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