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Cameroonian Sisters Attacked by Bandits

The sisters were robbed of about FCFA 15 million and their cell phones last Friday in the premises of College Chevreul. Armed bandits who made away with some money and cell phones attacked some reverend sisters of College Chevreul. The reverend sisters who spoke to CT said the bandits who broke in at about 2:30 am threatened them before escaping with their cell phones and money.

One of the sisters who spoke on the behalf of the others said at about 2:30 am she started hearing noises in the house and all of a sudden, some four-armed men got in to her room demanding for money. She said she started crying but her tears did not make them bulge. “They lifted up my mattress while others went to my wardrobe and to my statue”. She said one of the bandits pushed her, she fell and they got to her handbag and took FCFA 150,000 and three cell phones. She said they were surrendered at gunpoint. After their operation they asked, “Who did you call”, but they said they did not call anybody. The two sisters who testified said the bandits took FCFA 150,000 from their handbags each and did not disclose the amount in the envelopes the bandits received from their handbags.

The Company Commander of Gendarmerie Bonaberi, Captain Noah Agrius Romuald said when they got to the scene, the Police were already there, they opened fire, and the bandits fled. At about 5:00 am, the vigilant group of Ndokoti got hold of a suspect called Fonkwa Franklin. When he got the suspects, he took him back to Chevreul and the sisters recognised him as one of their attackers. After serious interrogations, he revealed Cheudjeu Ngankam Bernis, who was arrested at Rue de la joie, then Tamngwa Jean Marie and Ndjie Mbongo Ernest at Mambanda and Bonassama respectively. They were caught with three guns, one cutlass and three cell phones of the sisters. The driver who drove the suspects was caught with about FCFA 1 million. However, he claimed to have been innocent and was just carryout his normal duties and was paid FCFA 1 million. The suspects agreed they were guilty.


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